A group of vegan protesters were at the receiving end of a “brutal” and “disturbing” comeback from a Toronto restaurant owner, who was being pilloried for his controversial meat menu. It was the fourth time that animal rights activists were protesting outside the store, being totally unaware of what is coming next. The restaurant named Antler in Toronto is known for serving interesting and controversial cuisine that includes the meat of bison, boar, rabbit, duck and deer, as well as serving foie gras, which has long been condemned as especially cruel for ducks and geese.

Initially, reports said, the staff of the restaurant tried to move the protesters away by pouring water in buckets on their chalk-written message. Well, what came after that made the protesters even angrier as the chef of the restaurant brought a large deer leg to the window and started cutting it right in front of them.  While the chef was slicing the piece of meat, the protesters were silently watching him. The chef and the owner did not stop there. After this, they cooked the deer and ate it in front of the protesters.

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Police then entered the restaurant and asked the restaurant owner to stop trying to annoy the protesters. “The restaurant is one of the well-known ones in the city. We simply want to run the restaurant in a peaceful manner where our guests can enjoy food,” Antler was quoted by a leading daily when asked about the protest. “While we would much rather not be the focus of these protests, we are not at all surprised,” he added further.

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