Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan who is consistently trying to show his sympathy towards the Kashmiris and trying to portray himself as someone who is the ambassador of Kashmiri people slammed by the World Uyghur Congress president on Monday. The president of World Uyghur Congress lashed out at Imran Khan for his double standards over China’s treatment to Uyghur Muslims and said it is a shame that Pakistan was supporting and remained silent over China’s policy on the minority community.

The organisation’s president Uyghur Isa said international journalist asked Pakistan PM about the Uighur issue several times, but every time Imran Khan said that he is not aware of it. Isa added, Pakistan Prime Minister well knows about the atrocities that is going on the Uighur Muslims by the Chinese government but not willing to talk about it. The president of the World Uyghur Congress also said Pakistan is the biggest violator of human rights.

Replying to China’s claims that Uighur detention camps were actually vocational training camps, Isa said it was a lie and China is trying to hide things. He also said China deliberately committing crimes against humanity.

In an exclusive interview of Al Jazeera that had been aired on August 14, Imran Khan discussed the current conditions of Kashmir and how BJP-led Indian government is racist and fascist but when asked about the problems being faced by Uighur Muslims in China, shockingly expressed ignorance.

During the interview the cricketer-turned-politician was asked whether he had ever got a chance to discuss the issue of Uighur Muslims with Chinese president Xi Jinping, the Pakistan PM said he does not know much about the Uighur problem.


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