Imran Khan, the President of Pakistan, drew significant criticism from the International community upon him over his remarks on sexual assaults. Not two months have passed since, and he has once more repeated this scandal. During the previous interview in April, Imran Khan had attributed the rising number of sexual violence incidents in his country, particularly against minors, to the “fahashi” (meaning obscenity/vulgarity) practiced by the victims.

In another interview held afterward, he advocated for the implementation of the ”purdah” (here, covering of body) to prevent sexual harassment and violence. He said that they don’t have much nightlife (Discos, clubs etc.) there so as to avoid temptation and it is a part of their different type of society. He added that such distractions lead the young men to cause such crimes, which are a consequence of temptation in their society. When asked if the apparel of women is a factor in the rising cases of sexual assaults, he answered that if a woman wears flimsy clothes then it wil certainly affect men. He cited this line of reasoning to common sense.

The spokeswoman of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML), Marriyum Aurangzeb, lashed out at Imran Khan’s statements. She tweeted that the world has received an “insight into a mindset of a sick, misogynistic, degenerate & derelict” Imran Khan. She also blamed the choices of men who commit such heinous crimes, and not the women who choose to dress according to their wishes. She also brought up the teachings of Allah who placed great importance on self-control.

According to the government records of Pakistan, approximately 11 rape cases are filed on a daily basis, not counting the cases that foes unreported. In the past six years, 18,000 cases were reported in the province of Punjab alone.