Wednesday, August 10, 2022

After Karachi blackout, Pak forces in panic mode in Balochistan

Pakistani security forces abandoned their border check posts after violent protests erupted in Brabchah, Balochistan, on Wednesday, the local media reported. According to The Balochistan Post, thousands of protestors pelted stones at the Pakistani security personnel forcing them to retreat and abandon their border posts. The protestors also destroyed and torched buildings of the military establishment during the protests constructed on the illegally occupied territory.

Protests have erupted across Balochistan to demand justice for 4-year-old Bramsh, who was shot along with her mother in Turbat city by Pakistan Army-backed criminals. Baloch people worldwide have also joined the protest by launching online campaign #JusticeForBramsh on social media.

The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) has slammed the Pakistani Army over Turbat incident that happened last month and termed it to be “a continuation of the massacre of Pakistan armed forces in Balochistan who have been engaged in kidnapping civilians for ransom and dumping mutilated bodies for the last several years”.

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Balochistan is a well-known region rich in natural resources but the Balochis have always been deprived of basic facilities. No hospitals are available in Balochistan. If there are some then medical facilities and equipment are not available in hospitals. The situation is similar to education, roads, water system, agriculture and almost all fields of life.

It is pertinent to mention that enforced disappearances and abductions by the Pakistani military establishment have also been carried out regularly and for innumerable times in Balochistan. Leaders, activists, and vocal members of various student organizations have been detained by the security forces and kept in confinement. While others have been shot dead.

This crime against humanity has been going on for so long and so systematically in Balochistan that it has come to be considered as a normal state of affairs in the province. Many social and human rights activists have flagged the issue of subjection by the Pakistani establishment before the United Nations and other international agencies.

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