Taliban Pakistan terror link has been exposed by Afghanistan as Taliban gains ground in the war-torn country. Amrullah Saleh’s allegation reflected the deep-seated lack of trust between the Afghan government led by President Ashraf Ghani and the Pakistan government and security establishment.

Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Thursday accused the Pakistan Air Force of warning Afghan Security Forces that it would retaliate against any move to dislodge Taliban fighters in the strategic border region of Spin Boldak. Saleh, a former spy chief who has survived more than one assassination attempt by the Taliban and is a trenchant critic of Pakistan, made the accusation in a tweet. “Breaking: Pakistan air force has issued official warning to the Afghan Army and Air Force that any move to dislodge the Taliban from Spin Boldak area will be faced and repelled by the Pakistan Air Force. Pak air force is now providing close air support to Taliban in certain areas,” he tweeted.

Saleh doubled down on his contention after doubts were expressed on social media about the accusation. He said in another tweet that he was “ready to share evidence” about the warning from the Pakistani military to the afghan side. He added that afghan aircraft “as far as 10 kilometers from Spin Boldak warned to back off or face air to air missiles”. The warning says any move to dislodge Taliban will be faced by Pak Air Force. Pakistan Air Force is now providing close air support to Taliban in certain areas.

Moreover, Pakistan’s hand has been suspected behind Taliban’s control in Afghanistan. It has been accused of supplying arms and ammunition, hosting Taliban terror trainings, providing moral support for activities and links extended to Haqqainis, Al-Qaeda, ISIS.