America’s Intelligence chief Dan Coats has claimed that Pakistan is developing new types of nuclear weapons that might pose more danger in the region. He made the remarks during a Congressional hearing conducted by Senate Select Committee on Intelligence over the issue of worldwide threats. Mr Coats said that the new types of weapons include short-range tactical weapons, sea-based cruise missiles, air-launched cruise missiles and longer-range ballistic missiles that could introduce new risks to the security of the region.

Mr Coats remarks have come at a time when India is facing a severe security threat from Pakistan in the wake of repeated terror attacks. Last week, six India soldiers were martyred when JeM terrorists attacked an army camp in J&K. Three militants were also killed in retaliation by Indian Army. Following the attack, Defence Minister Nirmala Sithraman had lashed out at Pakistan and had said they will have pay for the ‘Jammu misadventure’. She had added that the sacrifice of Indian soldiers will not go in vain.  “Pakistan will pay for this misadventure. I repeat, Pakistan will pay for it,” she had said while visiting the state to take stock of the situation following the attack. 

Director of National Intelligence, Mr Coats also warned the US of the probable threats from North Korea as the country looks quite willing to proliferate dangerous technologies. Last year, North Korea had conducted several ballistic missile tests including the first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) tests raising concerns worldwide. Ge said that their assessment was that the country had a longstanding Biological Weapons (BW) capability and biotechnology infrastructure that could support a BW programme.

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