Pakistan: Many Pakistanis may have hailed Prime Minister Imran Khan for raising Kashmir issue at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) but the same people have slammed him for the crisis in the country’s healthcare sector. The topic is even trending on Twitter with netizens criticizing ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led government for its alleged failure.

Under #NiaziDestroyingHealthcare, the social media users have alleged that Khan has failed to provide basic healthcare facilities to the population. Well, you might be wondering why Niazi has been added in #NiaziDestroyingHealthcare. It is just because Khan’s last name is Niazi. The trend comes at a time when the dengue pandemic has engulfed Pakistan with thousands of people diagnosed with the virus. The mosquito-borne disease has killed thousands in the country in the past many years.

The social media users said that from the dengue outbreak to removing free medical facilities at government hospitals, Khan’s government has miserably failed in the public health sector. Some users said that the deadly disease was earlier controlled by Khan’s predecessors but his alleged incompetence has proved disastrous. Other netizens also complain about the lack of facilities in education and other vital sectors.

Last month, police baton-charged and used tear-gas shelling to disperse doctors’ protest at the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. Several doctors were arrested. The protest comes in the wake of the passing of Regional and District Health Authorities Act that doctors say is nothing short of privatization of government hospitals.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is undergoing a severe economic crisis. Though the IMF, Saudi Arabia, and China have given loans to Pakistan but it has not proved sufficient. Meanwhile, Pakistan has shifted all its focus towards India while trying to get the world support on the long-pending Kashmir issue. At the recent UNGA session, Pakistan premier spoke about Kashmir for more than 20 minutes. The situation between India and Pakistan escalated after the dilution of Article 370.

Here are some of the tweets: 


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