During a meeting with bureaucrats in Islamabad on Friday, newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that the government does not have enough money to run the country. The Pakistan Tareek-e-Insaaf chief said that the previous governments had invested in the wrong projects, which resulted in the great loss and now the country does not have enough money.

“The previous governments had invested in loss-making projects when the majority of the population in the country was looking out for jobs.

He said that the government needed to get out of the debt trap. “We need to change ourselves and our nation,” said Imran Khan.

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Pak PM added while the government should assume the responsibility of the people, the people must also own the government. “Maybe God has created the crisis because he wants us to change,” PTI chief said.

A few days ago, Imran Khan in a tweet had said that Pakistan is sitting on the dead capital worth Rupees 300 billion and has to borrow money to pay the loan interests. The statement of ‘dead capital’ was in context to government-owned lands with buildings.

“I have just got figures of 90% of state-owned land in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, federal areas, houses and official residences built on these land. The figures are startling: 34,459 kanals are rural and 17,035 kanals are urban. Just the urban land with buildings is worth over Rs.300 billion!” Imran Khan said.

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