Newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Monday shared his worries about the country’s economy through a Tweet. Imran Khan said that country has to borrow money to pay the loan interests is actually sitting on dead capital worth Rs 300 billion. The statement of ‘dead capital’ came in context to government-owned lands with buildings.

The Pakistan Tareekh-e-Insaaf chief, in a Tweet, said, “I have just got figures of 90% of state-owned land in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, federal areas, houses and official residences built on these land. The figures are startling: 34,459 kanals are rural and 17,035 kanals are urban. Just the urban land with buildings is worth over Rs.300 billion!”

“So the country that has to borrow money to pay interest on its loans (burdening our future generations) – and daily interest payment is Rs 5 billion- is sitting on huge amounts of dead capital (just 90% of urban holdings is worth Rs 300 billion) in the form of this government-owned land with buildings,” Imran Khan added.

A few days ago, Pakistan government decided to cut development funds by over Rs 250 billion.

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