Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s video of the SCO Summit innaugral ceremony became viral on the social media, when he was seen sitting even when the rest of the world leaders and delegates stood at event during the arrival of various heads of states in the hall for opening ceremony. Khan stood briefly when his name was called down and then seated himself again in breach of protocol.

The video was also tweeted by the official Twitter handle of Imran Khan’s own political party – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). In the video, Imran Khan is appearing to have yet again breaking the diplomatic protocol, by seating arounf while everyone else stood in honour to welcome the head of the states on their arrival to the main hall. Upon realizing his mistake, Khan became uncomfortable for some time when he found that only he is seated, therefore stood briefly but then again sat down.

This isn’t the first time that Imran Khan has faced snub after making a goof-up. From time to time, Pakistani media also keeps on taking digs and making fun of the Pakistani Prime Minister. Modi and Khan did not exchange any pleasantries or talks at the event with India firmly maintaining its stand that talks and terror cannot go hand in hand.

Meanwhile, with the SCO goof-up of Imran Khan making headlines everywhere, he needs to be a little careful while attending and being part of such international summits as such kind of viral videos on social media can really become a snub.

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