As the world knows, Pakistan is debt-ridden and its economy is deteriorating with every minute. Prices of the basic need products are rising day by day and Pakistan government has no money to deal or control the situation. As Pakistan has initiated steps to implement tough economic reforms, the prices of petrol, gas and other essential food items have increased, which affected the common man badly. In cognizance to the matter, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to cut down prices of Roti and Naan on Wednesday.

As per a report published in Pakistan’s leading daily The Dawn, currently, naan is selling at Rs 12 to Rs 15, however, before the increase in the gas tariff and rates of wheat flour, it was sold for Rs 8 and Rs 10. Similarly, roti is priced Rs 10 to Rs 12 which was earlier available for Rs 7 to 8.

The decision was taken by the federal Cabinet headed by Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Tuesday to bring roll back prices of naan and roti to their previous rates over public discontent.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, told Pakistan media that Pakistan PM has taken a stern notice of increasing prices of naan and roti and decided to take immediate steps to revert them to their original rates.

She added that Imran Khan also had a meeting with the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) to find a way out to reduce the gas tariff, especially for tandoorwalas, and cutting the price of wheat flour and duties on it.

At the time, Pakistan is in serious economic crisis and is short of foreign currency reserves for the stagnating growth of the country.  Although, The International Monetary Fund has given a USD 6 billion loan to Pakistan’s Imran Khan government for 3 years to improve the country’s economic health and raise the living standards of its citizens.

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