A Pakistani news anchor got confused between Apple Corporation (the US tech giant) and an apple (fruit) while she was anchoring live on air. In the age of social media, such errors can’t go unnoticed and the video went viral after it was shared by journalist Naila Inayat on Twitter.

In the video, the TV anchor is in conversation with a panelist in the studio. While discussing the financial condition of Pakistan, the panelist said Apple’s business is more than Pakistan’s whole budget for the year to which the anchor responded that even a single apple costs a fortune, comparing Apple Inc to a fruit.

Following the incident, the panelist quickly corrected her by saying he was talking about Apple Inc that manufactures iPhones, iPods, Apple TV and laptops. Although the two carried on the show with facepalm and laughter, the mix-up went viral on Twitter.

Check out the video-

Last month, Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s assistant Naeem ul Haque shared master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s picture on Twitter and captioned it as PM Imran Khan on the field. Comments, likes, retweets and a hilarious discussion followed just after the photo surfaced on Twitter.

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