PM Modi Highlights Strong 25-Year Bond with Putin: 17 Meetings in 10 Years

On the issue of terrorism, Modi condemned all forms unequivocally, drawing from India’s own experiences with terrorism over the past decades.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed profound concern over the loss of innocent lives in conflicts and terror attacks, highlighting the universal pain felt by those who believe in humanity. Speaking during a bilateral meeting, Modi emphasized the heart-wrenching impact of innocent children falling victim to violence, underscoring the immense sorrow such tragedies evoke.

Reflecting on the longstanding diplomatic relations between India and Russia, Modi noted a history of extensive engagement spanning over two and a half decades. Highlighting the depth of bilateral cooperation, he recounted frequent meetings totaling 17 in the past decade and 22 over the last 25 years, emphasizing the robust foundation of their partnership.

Addressing terrorism, Modi strongly condemned all forms, drawing parallels between India’s long battle against terrorism and expressing solidarity with Russia in their struggles against terror incidents. He emphasized India’s stance that terrorism is “horrible and disgusting,” highlighting the urgent need for global unity to combat this menace.

“In the last 40-50 years, India has been facing terrorism. We have been facing for 40 years, how horrible and disgusting terrorism is. So, when terror incidents occurred in Moscow when terror incidents occurred in Dagestan, I can imagine how deep its pain would be. I strongly condemn all kinds of terrorism,” asserted Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Expressing gratitude for the warm welcome extended by Russian leadership, Modi acknowledged the mutual congratulations exchanged following recent electoral victories in both countries. He praised the significance of these diplomatic gestures, underscoring the importance of continued collaboration and friendship between India and Russia on the global stage.