After a successful state visit to Jamaica, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines from May 15 to 21, President Ram Nath Kovind arrived at the Air Force Station, Palam, in Delhi on Sunday.

This is India’s first visit to these two countries by its Head of State. His wife, first lady Savita Kovind, daughter Swati Kovind, Union Minister Pankaj Chowdhary, Lok Sabha MP Rama Devi, Satish Kumar Gautam, and secretaries-level officers joined him.

The first-ever head of state visit to the Caribbean area was a huge success, demonstrating India’s importance and its strong commitment to continuing active engagement with the region.

In the spirit of south-south cooperation, India maintained its commitment to being a trusted partner of the small island-building strength to work together and promote aspiration and interest as a developing nation.

India and Jamaica have long had friendly relations based on democratic values, shared historical experiences, a Parliamentary political system, Commonwealth membership, English language proficiency, and a shared love of cricket.