The 2nd in-person Quad summit, which was held in Tokyo today, set the stage for a free & open Indo-Pacific, boosting vaccine production and more. PM Modi also held separate bilateral meetings with PM Kishida on the sidelines of the summit. As the momentum around the Indo-Charter builds, NewsX organised a special telecast with top foreign policy analysts from Japan to decode the geo-strategic developments and how they impact India-Japan ties.

Prof. Takenori Horimoto, India-Japan politics expert, said, “Looking at the joint statement, it is very interesting to note mention about Russia and even China.” Sharing his takeaways from the joint statement, he expressed, “Speaking as a whole, one of the most interesting points was Covid-19 was mentioned 11 times, followed by climate and science and technology, adding “they tried to avoid controversial things from the joint statement’

Dr Satoru Nagao, Fellow at Hudson Institute, on the other hand, expressed, “Quad not only focused on the economy but also security.”

Masatoshi Murakami, Associate professor at Kogakkan university, expressed, “We are short of some strategic materials, including semi-conductors and vaccines, so we have to make our supply chains more resilient and incorporate it with like-minded countries like India and Japan.”

Meanwhile, Brad Glosserman, Senior advisor for Pacific forum, added, “The United States is working with other countries to develop a coalition of the like-minded, which suggests that what we are doing now is really continuous. While we might have new names, the ideas are pretty much the same.”