China marks the centenary of its ruling party and is gearing up for a patriotic extravaganza. Celebrations have already begun across the communist nation ahead of the official anniversary on Thursday. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which came to power in China nearly 72 years ago, was founded in 1921. NewsX will bring out historical events, accounts and reports which point to the Chinese Communist Party’s bloody and unpardonable past. As CCP observes centenary, the world mustn’t forget the truth.

The CCP supremo, Xi Jinping will attend a series of events starting from Thursday to highlight the achievements of the party since its inception. China, an ancient civilization with 5,000 years of history faced Mao’s reckless ‘experiment’ which lead millions dead in China. Famine, drought, starvation have been CCP’s haunting reality for over decades. CCP in China gears up to observe its centenary and NewsX presents special series exclusively: The Real CCP Report Card.

Chairman Mao’s reckless and unscientific experiment in rural china led to the death of millions. Given the CCP’s present belligerence, brutality and hubris and as it readies to mark its centenary, it is imperative the world mustn’t forget their unforgivable reality. The CCP took over a country that had been ravaged by decades of conflict. Chairman Mao had to send armies to quell Xinjiang and Tibet to plant the flag of the new republic.

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