Tuesday, August 9, 2022

#RealCCPReportCard: As CCP observes centenary, NewsX presents special broadcast ‘The Great Leap Forward’

As CCP observes centenary, the world mustn’t forget the truth. China, an ancient civilization with 5,000 years of history faced Mao’s reckless ‘experiment’ which lead millions dead in China. Famine, drought, starvation have been CCP’s haunting reality for over decades. CCP in China gears up to observe its centenary and NewsX presents special series exclusively: The Real CCP Report Card.

Over the course of the next few days, NewsX will bring out historical events, accounts and reports which point to the Chinese Communist Party’s bloody and unpardonable past. We will be discussing the great leap forward, Chairman Mao’s reckless and unscientific experiment in rural china which led to the death of millions. Given the CCP’s present belligerence, brutality and hubris and as it readies to mark its centenary, it is imperative the world mustn’t forget their unforgivable reality.

For long china has invaded the waters of many countries of the region, claiming it to be their own, even building on islands in the region. In a bizarre situation so rapid is the Chinese navy’s expansion that it is running out of big cities to name the warships after.

Amnesty International, a UK-based NGO working for human rights with 7 million members across the globe, published a report that unveiled China’s atrocities on the ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. The report laid evidence regarding China’s crimes committed against the Muslim minorities, including brainwashing, torturing, and abusing in the province of Xinjiang.

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