On Sunday, a man hurled a shoe at former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. During a visit to Jamia Naeemia seminary in Garhi Shahu, a former student threw a shoe on Nawaz Sharif. As the Pakistan Muslim League Chief reached the stage to address the event, a man from the audience threw the shoe on Sharif, which hits him in the chest. After throwing the show at Nawaz Sharif man also raised the slogan “Labbaik Ya Rasoolullah.” Police have also arrested 2 other people into the custody related to the same.   

As the incident happened the man was detained by the officials present at the event and was later handed over to the police. As per the reports, the attacker was identified as the Talha Munawar, who was a former student of the seminary. Pakistan Police also took him to the hospital for first aid as he got injured by the beatings of staff members and students who were present there.

Earlier on Saturday, a similar incident happened when a person threw ink at the Foreign Minister of Pakistan Khawaja Asif when he was addressing the work convention of Pakistan Muslim League. The attacker was also held by the police. After the incidence, Khawaja Asif said that he should be released saying he has no enmity with him. He also added that the man was sent by someone and such attacks will not affect his political actions. “Thousands of people are still praying for me and throwing ink won’t affect my politics at all,” he was quoted as saying.

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