India has called upon the return of democracy in Myanmar at UNGA. TS Tirumurti, India’s permanent representative to UN, speaking at UNGA’s informal meeting on Myanmar on Friday expressed that India is closely monitoring the situation in Myanmar and believes that the rule of law and democratic process must prevail.

Calling India a close friend of Myanmar, TS Tirumurti said that both the countries share land and maritime border so India has direct stakes in the maintenance of peace and stability in Myanmar. He added that India remains concerned that the gains made by Myanmar on the path towards democracy should not get undermined. Hence, it is in discussion with like-minded countries to ensure that the hopes and aspirations of the people of Myanmar are respected.

Urging the leadership of Myanmar to work together an early resolution and sorting out their differences in a peaceful manner, India also asserted that a significant focus has been directed towards capacity building and encouraging stakeholders to find practical solutions. It further called upon the international community to collectively ensure that the rule of law, democracy and calm prevails and the detainees are released.

In addition, Mr Tirumurti underlined the need to enable the earliest return of displaced people in Rakhine state in a safe and sustainable manner. For this, he pressed on the need for a collaborative and consensus-based approach and called upon the international community to finance and support efforts made by Bangadesh government to resolve issues of radicalisation and ensure provisions of providing education, skill development and adequate medical assistance.