Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Russia rejects appeals for ceasefire, calls it attempt to rearm Ukrainian fighters

Russia rejected calls for a truce on Tuesday saying that the requests were “insincere” and would be used by the Ukrainian side to rearm its troops, as reported by the New York Times. Russia’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy, informed the Security Council of his country’s decision. Polyanskiy was quoted as saying by the NYT, “…an aspiration to provide Kyiv nationalists breathing room to regroup and receive more drones, more anti-tank missiles and more MANPADS”.

The rejection by Russia came hours after UN chief Antonio Guterres appealed for a four-day ceasefire in Ukraine on humanitarian grounds. According to the NYT report, even China, which has abstained from voting on resolutions against Russia in the UN, has called for ceasefire on humanitarian grounds and urged the warring side to work towards the goal.

This comes amid Ukraine’s claims of a renewed Russian offensive in the Donbas region. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was quoted as saying by CNN, “Russian forces have started the battle for Donbas for which they’ve been preparing for a long time and a considerable amount of the Russian forces are concentrated and focused on that offensive.”

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