Global politics has witnessed an interesting turn with the launch of Russian invasion against Ukraine. The war continues, and so does the casualities and destruction caused by the war. Russia-Ukraine war found a mention in the Quad summit, which is being in Tokyo, Japan, as well.

In his introductory remarks at the Quad summit, US President Joe Biden made his stance clear on the war and took the opportunity to hit out at Russia. Biden said that Putin is just trying to extinguish a culture.

Emphasising that the war is more than just a European issue and is rather a global issue, Biden pointed out that the global food crisis may worsen by Russia blocking Ukraine from exporting its grains.

Calling for a global response, Biden said that as long as Russia continues the war, Quad countries are going to be partners and they stay together for the shared values & vision they have. Terming the Quad countries as Indo-Pacific powers, he said that US will be a strong, steady & enduring partner in Indo-Pacific.