As Russia’s invasion on Ukraine enters its seventh week, US has announced an additional $800 million dollar aid military assistance. Aimed at expanding the scope of Ukraine’s military capabilities, the package includes artillery systems, artillery round, armoured personnel carriers and unmanned costal defence boats.

In a written statement, US President Joe Biden said that US cannot rest now. He added that he has assured Zelensky that Americans will continue to stand with the Ukrainians in ‘their fight for freedom.’

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said that systems like the howitzers and radars will include additional training for Ukraninan forces, who are not accustomed to using American military equipment.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Black sea flagship was ‘seriously damaged’ by Ukraine forces. The Russian defence ministry sad that the damage to Moskva missile cruiser was caused by ammunition detonating as a result of a fire and added that the cause of the blaze is being investigated. A Ukranian official said that the ship was hit by two anti-ship cruise missiles.