A Russian plane on Sunday made an emergency landing and burst into flames at the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, in which more than 40 people lost their lives. According to the reports, the Russian-made Sukhoi Superjet was carrying 78 passengers and 5 crew members. The videos that are doing round the internet shows a burning plane on the runway and passengers scrambling out of the emergency door. After the incident, the Russian Investigative Committee told the media that 41 people died in the saddening incident including 1 crew member.

The reason behind the fire and crash has not been identified yet and the officials have ordered a criminal probe for the incident. The reports say that the aircraft had taken off from Sheremetyevo for the northwestern city of Murmansk at around 6 pm on Sunday and the incident occurred after a few minutes of the incident.

Footage showed the plane bouncing along the runway as it landed.

Aeroflot said that the plane was forced to return to the airport by a technical reason and that its engines caught fire as it touched the ground. A cloud of black smoke was also seen above Sheremetyevo, which is Russia’s busiest airport. Dmitry Khlebushkin, a passenger who escaped safely told the media that it’s not less than a miracle and he survived because of the stewardesses. He added that the crew rushed to evacuate passengers as the plane caught the fire.

Aeroflot in its statement said that the crew did everything to save the passengers, who were evacuated in 55 seconds.

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