In an unfortunate incident on Sunday, a passenger plane carrying 71 people onboard had crashed in Moscow within minutes of taking off. The crash had resulted in the death of all the passengers and crew members present in the plane. An investigation is on to find out the cause of the tragedy. Russia’s Investigative Committee has said that it is looking into all the possible causes that might have led to one of the worst disasters in Russia’s aviation history. Here is what we know about the accident so far:

How did the crash take place?

The Saratov Airlines jet Antonov An-148 took off from Domodedovo airport in the capital on Sunday. The plane lost contact with air traffic control within minutes of taking off. Later, many witnesses reported that they saw a plane in flames falling from the sky. The crash was confirmed by the authorities later. The plane fell in the middle of a forest and its debris got buried under snowfall creating problems for the rescuers and medics.

How many passengers and crew members were onboard?

The plane was carrying 65 passengers and six crew members, all of whom were killed in the accident.

What was the cause of the crash?

The investigation is on to find out the possible cause of the accident. It could have been caused by bad weather, technical problems or even human error, but it would be too early to pinpoint a reason.

What was the crashed airplane like?

The airplane was manufactured in 2010 as per the reports. The plane had a capacity of carrying 85 passengers. Saratov Airlines’ spokesperson has said that the plane was in good shape at the time of the accident.


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