Thursday, September 29, 2022

#SanctionPakistan takes top trends: Pak’s proxy war against Afghanistan exposed

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In a global outrage against Pakistan, #SanctionPakistan is trending in the western world calling out the Imran-Khan led government for proxy war against Afghanistan. A demand first echoed by Afghanistan’s Vice President Amrullah Saleh, has now caught momentum with Afghan netizens and influential voices like former Canadian politician and diplomat Chris Alexander lashing out against Pakistan and its support to Taliban.

Chris Alexander tweeted that Pakistan’s invasion of Afghanistan deserves the same response as the disastrous Soviet invasion of 1979: armed resistance, international condemnation and sweeping sanctions. To which, Afghanistan Vice President responded that it is just the beginning. They needed time to get pass the shock period. It is on the way. “The Afghan Way”, he further added.

Under #SanctionPakistan, global netizens have called for Pakistan’s generous support to terrorist groups to stop. Countries like India and the USA have been further requested to support Afghanistan, so that Pakistan-backed unrest on Afghan’s soil can finally come to an end.

Even as Taliban continues to capture more and more Afghan territories, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has come out in sly support of Taliban by calling them ‘ normal civilians’. In an interview with PBS News Hour, Imran asserted that Taliban are not some military outfits, they are normal civilians. He further argued, “If there are some civilians in these camps, how can Pakistan supposed to hunt these people down?”

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