Saudi Arabia on Wednesday blamed Iran for the attacks at the heartland of the country’s oil industry. Saudi Arabia showed journalists the remains of the weapon. They indirectly accused Iran of launching the attack on the oil factory. However, Iran denied being involved in the drone attacks and threatened the United States.

Saudi Arabia defense ministry spokesperson Turki al-Maliki addressed in a press conference, the attack had come had been launched from the northern areas and there is no doubt that it had been sponsored by Iran. He also said they are working to know the launching point of the attack. Maliki also displayed the remains of cruise missiles and drones that were used in the assault.

AL-Malki said added the amalgamation of 18 drones and seven cruise missiles had been used in the attack. He added three missiles failed to make their targets. He also said the cruise missiles had a range of 700 kilometers (435 miles), which means the attack could not have possibly come from their neighbor state Yemen.

According to experts, by not directly blame Iran, Saudi Arabia made a mistake and it will leave them exposed to continued attacks. Experts also said Saudi Arabia indirectly said the drone attacks were launched by Iran because they wanted to avoid any attacking response from Iran, which could lead it to a war between the two heavyweight countries from middle-east and the international superpower United States.

In the press conference, Al Malki described the missiles as delta wing models and said the missiles had a small jet engine attached to it.

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