Friday, September 30, 2022

Saudi Arabia executes 81, including those linked with terror groups, in one day

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The interior ministry of Saudi Arabia executed 81 persons, including those who were found guilty of working with terror groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda in a single day, reported Al Arabiya citing the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). The list of those who received capital punishment also included persons convicted under murder and rape charges.

The death penalty was handed down to Saudi nationals and foreigners, mostly Yemenis, who have been convicted of crimes such as targeting places of worship and governmental institutions, murder of security officers, planting mines, abduction, torture, rape and armed robberies. The crimes also include smuggling weapons into the Kingdom for the purpose of destabilizing the country and inciting strife and chaos as well as implementing the schemes of the “terrorist” ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Iran-backed Houthi groups and other terrorist organizations that are hostile to the Kingdom.

As reported by Al Arabiya, the interior ministry has said that the 81 persons were convicted after trials at the relevant court. It also stated that the death sentence verdicts have received approvals from the Appeal Court and the Supreme Court. The ministry added that a royal order was issued to carry out the executions in accordance with the court verdicts.

A Yemeni man who was alleged of working with ISIS and killing a security officer was one of those executed. Two Saudi men were also found guilty of having connections with ISIS, of killing two security officers, and of planning to carry out attacks on Saudis and foreigners in the kingdom.

Three Yemenis were convicted of murdering two security officers, forming a “terrorist” group affiliated with the Houthis, planting landmines and smuggling weapons. A Saudi man was convicted of several crimes which include kidnapping, torturing and killing a security officer and forming “terrorist” cells that receive orders from “terror” groups outside the Kingdom.

Two Saudi men were found guilty of murdering their mother and of the attempted murder of their father and brother.
Several other Saudi men and a Syrian man were convicted of various crimes such as forming “terrorist cells,” having ties to ISIS and other “terrorist” groups and shooting at security officers and police stations.

Three Yemeni men and a Saudi man were found guilty of communicating with a foreign party that’s hostile to the Kingdom for the purpose of supplying it with coordinates of governmental buildings in order to target them and of smuggling weapons and hand grenades. 

Saudi Arabia is known as the birthplace of Wahabism which is an extremist school of thought in Sunni Islam. However, in recent times, the kingdom authorities and its leadership are known for heavy crackdowns on terror groups and extremist elements.

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