Liberation from anything in your life which has gripped you in living it to the fullest always gives you a great feeling. In what appears to have experienced the same feeling, a Saudi singer-rapper Leesa A has out a new video celebrating the revocation of ban on woman driving vehicles in Saudi. In no time, Leesa’s music video in which she is driving a car has gone viral and become an internet sensation. Sharing her happiness after the country removed the ban on women driving, Leesa A said that she doesn’t need anyone to take her now as a driving license is there. She performs the music video while driving a Hyundai.

Saudi Arabia, which is a conservative country for women in comparison to other countries, removed the ban on women driving on June 24. Previously, families, women who do not have any male to drive vehicles had to hire male chauffeurs for female relatives.

Saudi announced the end of a ban on women driving in September last year while the country issued its first women driving license in June this year.

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In more than 1 minute long video, the singers speak in her native language flaunts herself while driving a Hyundai car. She switches places sometimes from behind the wheel or singing while standing through the sunroof or on the top of the car. She switches verses of her song while switching gears, and appears happy after driving ban revocation.

The singer shared the song on her Instagram page which in no time became the internet sensation. In a span of just 5 days, the song has been viewed by 1,181,351 viewers and also received hundreds of comments.

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