The driving ban on women in Saudi Arabia was lifted by the Saudi King, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, on September 26 and the decision was celebrated all across the globe. Well, what’s new is that Sahar Nassif, the campaigner who had raised her voice against the driving ban, will be getting a brand new Ford Mustang. The present by the automobile giant comes after the landmark decree of allowing women to drive for the first time in the ultra-conservative kingdom’s history.

The activist had also been arrested in the past for filming herself illegally driving around Jeddah.

Taking to his twitter handle, Ford Middle East said that a yellow Mustang waiting to be picked up by women’s rights activist Sahar Nassif. The announcement came in after the activist has announced her love for the yellow and black American muscle car — Ford Mustang.

The first tweet from the giant read, ‘We’d like to give you your dream car.’ followed by ‘Your Mustang awaits’. The second tweet had picture of speeding yellow Mustang.

The brand had added a special hash tag which read, ‘#MustangSahar’.

The lovely gesture by the Ford came in after the activist had revealed her love for the car and had also said that she would love to own a yellow and black mustang in an interview to BBC.

During the interview, the activist Sahar Nassif said that she is extremely happy and is ‘jumping up and down’. She said that she wasn’t even aware of this gesture until her friend called her and told her the news.

While speaking to the leading daily, Sahar Nassif said, “This is how things play when you dream, you dream and you get things you want.”

On September 26, Saudi Arabia announced that it would allow women to drive from June 2018, ending a policy that for decades had severely curbed women’s mobility. According to reports, in a rare act of mass protest in the kingdom, 47 Saudi women formed a convoy and drove through the capital Riyadh in November 1990 to demonstrate against the ban on driving. However, all the women were taken into custody and were released only after their male guardian gave written guarantee.

Women activists in the nation who have for years been trying to get rid of the unfair drive barrage policy of the government have finally been rewarded with their desired result. After allowing women to vote in 2015, the number of women taking up jobs and involving themselves in various professions had significantly increased. This decision now is another step forward for the country who has previously never allowed its women to go free on roads.

Apart from the driving ban, the kingdom still faces some of the world’s tightest restrictions on women. Under the state guardianship system, a male family member — normally the father, husband or brother — must grant permission for a woman’s study, travel and other activities.

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