A placard of PM Modi along with other world leaders was seen in a pro-freedom rally organized by the Sindhis’ in the Sindh province of Pakistan on Sunday. The rally which demanded a separate homeland for Sindhis called for worldwide attention towards their cause of creating Sindhudesh, a nation separate from Pakistan. The rally was held on the 117th birth anniversary of GM Syed, one of the chief figures responsible for modern Sindhi nationalism.

The rally supporters state that Sindh had been the cradle of Indus Valley civilization before it was taken over by the British and Islamists after partition in 1947. They further alleged that in their fight for freedom from Pakistan, several of their activists were tortured and killed. Despite making remarkable development across various fields, the community still faces severe oppression in Pakistan in the name of Islam.

“Pakistan has been constantly trying to take away our culture and history, nevertheless we have still retained our pluralist, tolerant, harmonious identity”, stated Shafi Muhammad Burfat, the Chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz. He further expressed that their demand for a separate homeland for Sindhs’ was long overdue especially in the light of their current circumstances.

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Sindhis who form a minority in Pakistan have time and again appealed to the international community to support their struggle for independence. The community had earlier sought the help of PM Modi in 2019 on his visit to the US. The minority groups in Pakistan have constantly faced threats of persecution under the Pakistani military in their frequent attempts to achieve greater autonomy.

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