North Korean President Kim Jong Un arrived in Singapore to attend a summit with US President Donald Trump. This meeting between the 2 leaders is expected to put an end to a nuclear stand-off between the old foes and transform the secretive, impoverished Asian country. Notably, this is will be the first meeting between Kim and Trump after being enemies for decades.

According to a report, the North Korean autocrat’s move will be minutely followed by as many as 3000 journalists until Kim Jong Un shakes hands with Donald Trump.

The US delegation which at present is in Canada for G7 Summit will reach Singapore today evening. Trump is also scheduled to meet his Singaporean counterpart Lee Hsien Loong on Monday, June 11. The report further suggests that Trump will be accompanied by a his key ministers such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Adviser John Bolton, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders for the talks with N Korea.

If one looks closely, North Korea is been developing nuclear weapons for decades, culminating in the test of a thermonuclear device in 2017. The country also successfully tested missiles that had enough range to reach the United States. Reportedly, the test was conducted during the time when Donald Trump decided to tighten economic sanctions against North Korea and raised the possibility of military action.

Experts believe that Kim Jong Un will never abandon his nuclear programmes. They also believe that this latest summit is aimed at getting relaxation from the U.S. in economic sanctions that have squeezed the impoverished country.

The Trump-Kim summit is likely to be held at the Capella Hotel on June 12, 2018. The meeting will mark the first time a North Korean leader has met with a sitting US president. Reportedly, the talks will focus on reaching an agreement on the denuclearisation of North Korea in exchange for the easing of economic and diplomatic sanctions. 

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