Mariano Rajoy was ousted from Prime Minister’s position in Spain on Friday, June 1. Spanish PM was removed after the country’s parliament voting called no confidence motion. As per reports, opposition leader Pedro Sanchez will be replacing Mr Marino. Marino was holding the Prime Minister’s office since 2011, was expelled today, following a series of corruption scandals. His ministers have resigned earlier and today he stepped down after no confidence motion. PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez has who has placed the confidence motion will be replacing him, said reports.

“It has been an honour to be the prime minister of Spain,” Rajoy told parliament shortly before the vote. “It has been an honour to leave a better Spain than the one I found. I hope that my successor will be able to say the same when his time comes.”

The voting for confidence motion took place on Thursday when the Basque Nationalist party (PNV) joined the anti-austerity Podemos party and the two biggest Catalan pro-independence parties in backing the PSOE motion.

“This isn’t simple; this isn’t easy,” said the PNV spokesman Aitor Esteban. “But we have to do it.” He said last week’s court verdict had marked “a before and an after.

Last July, he became the first serving Spanish prime minister to testify in a criminal case, when he was called to give evidence in the Gürtel case.

Sánchez, 46, has promised to call elections but has said his minority government will spend a few months focusing on social and educational reforms before taking Spain to the polls.”

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