Anthony J. Blinken has written a letter to the Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani whereby he has proposed an UN-convened meeting of representatives of six countries which includes India to talk about promoting peace in Afghanistan. TOLO News which is the exclusive broadcaster, the USA intends to ask the United Nations to convene envoys as well as foreign ministers from China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran and India which is described as the first move towards designing a four-step strategy that would work towards a settlement and a permanent ceasefire.

It was in September 2020 that India had engaged in talks with the Taliban at the first Intra- Afghan negotiations. Mr Khalizad had welcomed the participation of India in the Intra-Afghan negotiations which was held in Doha on September 12, 2020. External Affair Minister of India, S. Jaishankar and U.S. Special envoy of Pakistan spoke over the phone on 7th March 2021 discussing the latest developments which pertained to Afghan peace talks. Last November the former had visited to be a part of the historic peace negotiations between the Afghan government and Taliban. It is no doubt that India has played a pivotal role in the development of the country when it had lent $3 billion to her. India by participating in the IAN at Doha has already engaged in talks with all parties, commented a senior government official. 

However, Blinken commented that the Joe Biden administration has not yet completed reviewing the strategy of moving ahead in Afghanistan, but reached a preliminary conclusion that “the best way to advance our shared interests is to do all we can to accelerate peace talks and to bring all parties into compliance with their commitments”. Not only that, Mr Blinken calls for a meeting between the Afghan government and the Taliban in a senior-level meeting which in Turkey to design a proposal for a 90-day reduction in violence. 

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This letter comes to the forefront as the Joe Biden administration has been designing a strategy in Afghanistan. It was under Donald Trump that the US had negotiated a peace deal with the Taliban in February 2020 with the aim of US withdrawal from the country, two decades after it had sent troops to Afghanistan.

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