Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Sri Lanka: One shot dead by police during protest over hike in fuel prices

A clash between police and protesters in the Sri Lankan town of Rambukkana resulted in the death of a person on Tuesday afternoon (local time). The person, part of the protest group, was participating in a demonstration against the hike in fuel prices, according to a Daily Mirror report. According to the publication, in the videos, the protestors were seen carrying the wounded people and rushing them to the hospital.

The deceased reportedly died of a gunshot wound. As per the local media, 10 others have been injured in the firing that ensued as the protests spiralled out of control. A protestor, in a video, also blamed the police for this incident. Earlier, Sri Lankan police had shot tear gas at the protesters to disperse them after the 15-hour protest against the fuel price hike, the Daily Mail reported.

The protest happened after Sri Lanka’s state-owned oil company, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPP), decided to increase fuel prices. A litre of petrol 92 octane has been increased by Rs 84 while a litre of petrol 95 octane by Rs 90, a litre of Auto Diesel by Rs 113 and a litre of super diesel has been increased by Rs 75.

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