The Las Vegas shooting incident which sent chills across the world by claiming around 58 lives and leaving scores injured is again back in the headlines. According to the reports, it has been found that the prime suspect in Las Vegas shooting, Stephen Paddock (64) was a nocturnal creature who gambled round-the-clock. The reports claimed that the accused was tackling anxiety. Stephen Paddock, the man responsible for the death of 58 lives, terms himself as a ‘biggest video poker player in the world’. The accused was said to be so much into gambling that he used to play poker the whole night and sleep by the day.

Here’s taking a look at Stephen Paddock’s testimony of 2013 from a lawsuit which Paddock had filed against ‘The Cosmopolitan’ in Las Vegas. The incident where Paddock fell on the casino pathway was fully recorded on CCTV camera placed in the hall of the hotel. During the case, in the 97 page deposition which was accessed by CNN, Stephen Paddock opened-up about himself before the law. In the deposition, Paddock claimed that he use to be at Las Vegas casinos for almost 3 out of 4 weeks a month.

Just 4 years before the Las Vegas massacre, Paddock said that he use to spend almost 95% of his time at the casinos, he also use to enjoy complimentary gifts from the hotels which ranged from $100 to $1350. During the questioning of the 2013 ‘The Cosmopolitan’ incident, when a lawyer asked him about his good year, Paddock said that in 2006, he averaged about 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, over $200 million coins through. When Paddock was asked that how much would he bet in one night, he said, ‘one million dollars’, and also added that it is ‘not much money?’

Stephen Paddock, who supposedly had an attachment with video poker, said that ‘Video poker is a game of discipline’. Talking to the attorney, Paddock also explained that why he is always sober when gambling. In his deposition, Paddock said, “You don’t have to be drunk when playing it. At the stakes I play, you want to have all your wits about you.”

The Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock is a resident of Mesquite, Nevada and was leading a retired life in an upper middle class family. He further testified that he used to pay a retainer fees to Dr Steven Winkler. Paddock also stated that it was the doctor who prescribed him valium. Reports also suggest that Paddock’s doctor Wrinkler had prescribed him the valium in June 2017.

*Valium is a drug used to tackle anxiousness. Rage, aggressiveness and irritability are a few the side-effects of taking the drug, claimed the manufacturer.

During his deposition, Paddock also stated that life was better before economic breakdown. “In 2017, the economy tanked. Las Vegas went into the gutter with a lot of other things. They quit giving the freebies. It wasn’t worth coming out here as often,” he stated.