A shocking and never heard before case has surfaced where a girl student has been accused of offering cookies to her friends made from the mixture of her grandfather’s mortal remains ashes. The said incident took place in North California earlier this month, where a girl, who is a student of Da Vinci Charter Academy in Northern California, allegedly prepared cookies from the mixture of her grandfather’s mortal remains ashes and offered them to her friends in the academy.

Following the incident, the police has begun its investigation and is trying to ascertain that according to which law, the girl’s act is punishable. However, so far, there are no reports of any health issues being experienced by those students who ate cookies made of mortal remains offered to them by one of their colleagues. Also, since, there are no unusual symptoms which have been witnessed by the students, the police is not considering it as a major crime, though the investigation is underway in order to find out why the girl had done this.

According to reports, students who ate those cookies said that after eating them they did not feel anything unusual. Students said that the cookies which they ate reminded them of some familiar taste. However, speaking on the incident, the principal of Da Vinci Charter Academy in Northern California, in a letter has said that the media is keeping a close watch on the the entire incident as one of their student is accused of offering cookies made up of mixture of her grandfather’s mortal remains. In the letter, the principal has also mentioned that the girl has also regretted for offering those cookies to her colleagues.

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