The 12 Thai boys and their football coach, who were recently rescued from Tham Luang cave in a much-publicised rescue operation in Thailand, have shaken off the horrors of past and trying to look ahead in life. During their first press conference since the rescue operation, the entire junior football team appeared upbeat and healthy, and shared their horrible experiences of when they were trapped in the cave.

Just after getting discharged from intensive care, the boys, aged 11 to 16, and their 25-year-old coach attended a press conference on Wednesday in Chiang Rai district. The hospital officials said that the survivors can go back and lead a normal life now while a psychologist asserted that “the boys were quite obedient during therapy”.

When asked how did they feel when they first saw the British divers in the flooded cave, one of the boys said, “When he emerged I said hello. We were surprised that he was not a Thai. This was a miracle moment.”

Since the boys are a part of a junior football team, they were asked whether they saw the FIFA World Cup final, which was held on July 15, and all of them said they did watch it and it was exciting.

Earlier on June 23, the 12 boys and their coach went to Tham Luang cave in the northern district of Chiang Rai for an expedition. While they were still expediting inside, heavy rain flooded the cave complex and trapped the boys inside it.

A team of expert international divers carried out a long-drawn rescue operation for several days and managed to save the entire trapped party. One Thai Navy SEAL lost his life during the rescue operations.

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