While established and well paid investigators aren’t able to solve the mystery of the origin of Coronavirus, amateur sleuths like “The Seeker” have forced the world to rethink the origins of the virus that many now claim is a lab-made virus.

SARS-CoV-2: Even after multiple researches, investigations, reports and WHO’s visits to China, the origin of Coronavirus that is considered to have leaped from animals to humans is yet to be unravelled, why?

The Seeker has put out a thread on Twitter where he has listed down information on origins of COVID-19, and a possible bio-containment failure at one of the Wuhan labs. He further wrote that there wasn’t much people knew in this regard and hence, he decided to summarise important and interesting facts in his Twitter post.

His Tweet is being widely retweeted and the information provided by The Seeker is actually providing credence to the Wuhan lab leak theory. The Seeker wishes to remain anonymous as he wants to keep his privacy and safety intact. He is a part of the Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19 (DRASTIC), a team that is researching the origins of the virus.

The Seeker has been working on this research collecting evidences and information for over a year, his curiosity to uncover the truth drew him into this research. In his mid 20s, he used to be a science teacher and later, followed his passion to work on audiobooks.

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