Voting begins across 26 countries for final phase of elections for Sikyong/ president of Central Tibetan administration and 45 members of Tibetan parliament in exile. Penpa Tsering and Aukatsang Kelsang Dorjee are the two contesting for the president of central Tibetan administration. Eight candidates contested during the first phase for Sikyong/ President in which Pempa Tsering secured highest 24488 votes and Aukatsang Kelsang Dorjee secured second highest 14544 votes respectively. The results will be declared on May 4.

Tibet Govt in Exile general elections will be taking place today where the whole community around the world cast their votes. There is a polling booth in every settlement and in the national capital there are two booths- Lajpat Nagar and Majnu Ka Tila. They will hold the results for 2-3 days till the elections take place around the world. The Tibetan community across the world with their elections shows an unique and important case study example of how a community in exile vote.

Wangdu Tsering, the Chief Election Commissioner of the Tibetan Election Commission said around 26 countries the Tibetans in-exile are franchising their votes and the total number of the voter is 83,079. Tsering further informed that the community have two kinds of elections- Presidential election of the Central Tibetan Administration and Parliamentary. These elections hold a lot of significance for the Tibetan community as Tibet is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party government based in Beijing, with local decision-making power concentrated in the hands of Chinese party officials. Tibet was a sovereign state before China’s invasion in 1950 when the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) entered northern Tibet. 

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