Zhang Zhijian, a CCP member, a nuclear scientist of great repute and the former vice-chancellor of the world renowned Harbin Engineering University, turned up dead on June 18 under mysterious circumstances, officially from a fall from a high building. His death comes amid a scandal of a geopolitical scope.

A few days ago, at China’s Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, 5 fuel rods suffered unknown amounts of damage, though the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was quick to declare that no radiation leak occurred and the situation was contained in a timely manner. Several governments, journalists and other entities are questioning the statement by China and call for an investigation. Amid this scandal of a geopolitical scope.

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Interestingly, on June 16, just two days before Zhang’s death, another nuclear scientist named Yin Jingwei had been appointed to the post of vice-chancellor at Harbin. The Harbin University released a statement mourning Zhang’s death and informing that the investigating police had discarded murder as a cause of death. No further details regarding the investigation were revealed.

There is speculation about the death of Zhang and the nuclear plant accident being connected and while this may not be impossible, it it is still highly far-fetched. Unsurprisingly, the police has very conveniently declared that there was nothing suspicious in his death. A scientist falls from a building and there’s nothing suspicious, how?

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