Top US commander says  Pakistan is using Taliban as shied against India: A few days after the American far-right President Donald Trump sought help from Pakistan’s Prime minister Imran Khan in the restoring Afghan peace process, a top US commander on Tuesday, December 5, said that Islamabad seems to be unaltered and it persists to use Taliban as a shield against India. Marine Corps Lt Gen Kenneth McKenzie told Senate Armed Services Committee members that Pakistan plays an important role in facilitating talks between Ashraf Gani government and the Taliban. However, it is using its full influence to encourage Taliban to come on the table.

Various extremist organisations operate along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, McKenzie claimed. Later during his confirmation hearing, he claimed that we persist to see that the Taliban is being used a hedge against India rather than bringing it to negotiate for peace talks. McKenzie further said that he did not see any behavioural change in Pakistan towards Afghanistan or even on its stance against the Taliban.

The development came a day after Republican leader wrote a letter to PTI leader Imran Khan seeking support in the Afghan peace process. In the letter, he mentioned that Islamabad has the ability to oppose Taliban’s sanctuary on its territory.

The letter also made it clear that Pakistan’s assistance in the Afghan peace process is a key measure in building a bonhomie relationship between US and Pakistan.

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