Thursday, September 29, 2022

Troika Plus leaders urge Taliban to cut ties with terrorists

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The representative of the Troika Plus format has urged the Taliban to cut ties with all terrorist groups and deprive them of the opportunity to act on Afghan territory. The statement was issued after the Troika Plus meeting, comprising Russia, Pakistan, China, and the United States, was held in Islamabad on Thursday.

The four participants of the meeting “condemned in the strongest terms the recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and called on the Taliban to cut ties with all international terrorist groups, dismantle and eliminate them in a decisive manner, and to deny space to any terrorist organization operating inside the country,” the document read, as quoted by TASS news agency.

The envoys also “reaffirmed their expectation that the Taliban will fulfil their commitment to prevent the use of Afghan territory by terrorists against its neighbours, other countries in the region and the rest of the world.” The joint statement called on the Taliban to work with fellow Afghans to take steps to form an inclusive government that respects the rights of all Afghans and provides for the equal rights of women and girls.

They called upon the international community to take concrete actions to provide Afghanistan with help against the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pakistan Foreign Ministry, in a statement, said that Troika Plus envoys/Special Representative for Afghanistan also met the Acting Foreign Minister of the interim government of Afghanistan Amir Khan Muttaqi on the sidelines.

“Views were exchanged on humanitarian assistance and other issues of mutual interest between Troika Plus and Afghanistan.”


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