Southampton’s favourite independent community bookshop, reads the Twitter bio of October Books, is a bookstore that recently became an epitome of community service. The bookstore is situated on England’s south coast and recently made headlines for something unconventional that showcased the power of a community coming together. The 40-year-old bookstore faced a crisis after it was forced to shift into new premises following a rent hike. The bookstore came over the hurdle with some fundraising campaigns and local donors, which helped them in buying a new vault, a former premises of a Nat West bank.

The other hurdle for the October Books was shifting to the new location which was almost 150 meters away from its old location. At this point, something inspirational happened after over 250 people formed a human chain and moved more than 2,000 books kept in the old vault to the new location. However, the bookstore has over 20,000 books kept in the store, the people have been working in shifts to relocate the books.

According to a volunteer, the entire experience was really inspiring as the entire community came together to help the one who was in need. He added that the bookstore asked for help and it was heartwarming to see people reciprocating to their request has left us moved and incredibly touched. October Books is scheduled to move to its new location on November 3.

The entire story has left people out of words. For the first time, a community came together to help somebody in the time of need. This has set a worldwide example and incidents like this need to be promoted. The story is an epitome of the power of community service and the fact that there is indeed a strength in unity. 

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