On the occasion of International Men’s Day, people across the world have poured in their thoughts on social media platform Twitter on the facts that make a man ‘Not a man.’ Twitterati were speaking about men who happen to be the reason for any negativity in a woman’s life, physically, mentally or emotionally. International men’s day is a global event celebrated each year on November 19th in order to promote awareness of male health, discrimination and gender relations. It was founded in 1998 in Trinidad and Tobago and has gone on to receive support from individuals and social groups across the globe.

The event that focuses on the achievements and contributions that men have made to their families and in the bigger picture to the society saw a fresh twist this year on micro-blogging site Twitter. A popular deodorant brand began a campaign on Twitter called #NotAMan, that has invited massive public interest on the social media platforms with people giving mixed responses to the hashtag. In the present scenario, especially in India where women are considered unsafe, a man talking about women empowerment on Men’s Day is the most amusing sight of the day.

And that is what we can see on twitter!

People clearly supported the cause and posted tweets like, “Eve teasing is just a fun game that girls should take in their stride. If this is a ‘mardon waali soch’, then I am #NotAMan” and “If equal pay for men and woman is supposed to be frowned upon, then I am #NotAMan.”

There were also the other kind who completely lost track as they failed to understand the vision behind the campaign and posted condemning statements like, “On #InternationalMensDay when we should raise awareness about Male-Suicides/RapeCases/Harassment/Biased_Laws we are naming shaming Men by trending #NotAMan! This shows our misandric mindset.”

In a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by the popular deodorant brand, a majority of the population have exhibited a positive response for #NotAMan as they listed wrongs done to women in our society and acknowledged the fact that a change is needed in the overall outlook of people.

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