American Pop singer Rihanna backing the Indian Farmers stir by sharing a news article highlighting the Centre’s crackdown on the farmers by cutting off internet services in many regions has caught too many controversies both globally and in the country and raised eyebrows from all corners. Meanwhile, the Government of India issued notice to Twitter over provocating tweets. Home Minister Amit Shah condemned Rihanna’s tweet and said ‘No propaganda can deter unity.’

Protests erupted across many parts of the country condemning foreign vested interests commenting on India’s internal affair. Amid all this controversy Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has hit the ‘like’ button on several tweets that were praising singer Rihanna for her tweet on the farmers protest against newly enacted agriculture laws in India. Rihanna and climate activist Greta Thunberg’s tweets on the farmer protests have been highly condemned by Indians and many sportsmen, actors and celebs have hit back tweeting India against propaganda.

Many believe the microblogging platform CEO is endorsing such anti-India sentiments as Dorsey has liked a couple of tweets in support of Rihanna for supposedly raising her voice against the oppression and standing by the voiceless. These events make it quite clearer about foreign elements intending to hijack India’s internal affairs and plotting to defame India’s global image of tolerance and democracy. Washington Post journalist Karen Attiah tweeted that Rihanna has raised her voice for social justice movements in Sudan, Nigeria, and now India, and Myanmar. Attiah even praised the pop singer saying “She’s the real one.”

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