Twitter does not believe in free expression, and employees ‘hated’ Elon Musk’s USD 44 billion offer to acquire control of the firm, according to a man identified as a senior engineer at the social media giant.

A video supposedly showing a top Twitter programmer, Siru Murugesan, saying that the firm has a significant left-wing bias and that right-wingers are openly suppressed was published by the American far-right activist group Project Veritas. Murugesan was captured on tape claiming that the workplace culture at Twitter is extremely far left, and that his colleagues ‘hate, hate, despise’ Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s planned purchase, reported ANI.

According to Murugesan, Twitter’s workplace politics were so left-wing that employees at the microblogging site modified their initial opinions to fit the current climate.

Twitter just agreed to a USD 44 billion takeover by Tesla CEO, while shareholder approval is still required. Elon Musk, on the other hand, announced that the microblogging site’s USD 44 billion purchase attempt remains on pause.

Musk has regularly complained on Twitter about a left-wing bias. He previously stated that Twitter’s decision to ban former US President Donald Trump was a mistake and that if his takeover of the social media business is successful, he will reverse it.

On the question of how his co-workers responded to the news of Musk’s buyout, Murugesan replied: “They’re like, this would be my last day if this happens.”

Murugesan said ‘a lot has changed’ since Musk began the takeover process in April and employees were worried for their jobs, as his companies run differently in contrast to Twitter’s ‘socialist’ workplace.

“He’s a capitalist and we weren’t really operating as capitalists, more like very socialist. Like we’re all commie as f***.”

Murugesan said that the company’s operating guidelines were “basically like everyone gets to do anything they want.”

Murugesan stated that several employees actively attempted to block Musk’s takeover, and that many people protested against it.

After Musk announced Twitter takeover, Murugesan said, “Employees warned of the ‘exodus’ of staff.”
“We did all we could, to like revolt against it,” he said.