Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, wins o-confidence motion on Monday, fending off a challenge to his authority put forth by members of his Conservative Party.

He is the first Prime Minister to get embroiled in a months-long scandal after attending illegal parties during the lockdown, demonstrating that he is as guilty of breaking the law.

Johnson won the vote 211 to 148, receiving the support of 59 percent of his parliamentarians, a lower percentage than his predecessor, Theresa May, who won a self-confidence vote in 2018. She left the company in less than six months.

Johnson won the election in 2019, however, he has been under fire after he and his team attended alcohol-fueled parties while the UK was under heavy lockdown due to COVID-19.

As a result of the victory in the confidence vote, the prime minister will remain in office.

Since 2019, Alexander Boris Johnson has been the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the leader of the Conservative Party.