Thursday, September 29, 2022

UK PM contender Rishi Sunak visits temple with wife to celebrate Janmashtami

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Rishi Sunak, a potential candidate for the Tory leadership and the position of British Prime Minister, went to a temple on Thursday to observe the well-known Hindu holiday Janmashtami.

Former British Chancellor visited Bhaktivedanta Manor temple with his wife Akshata Murthy in tow. He shared a photo of himself in the temple on Twitter and commented, “Today I went the Bhaktivedanta Manor temple with my wife Akshata to celebrate Janmashtami, in advance of the annual Hindu holiday marking Lord Krishna’s birthday.”

Candidate for the position of British Prime Minister, who is of Indian descent, is a devout follower of Hindu religion.

The former minister said earlier that racism is not a deciding factor in his party’s membership’s choice to vote for the next party leader. The former minister left Boris Johnson’s ministry and is now lagging UK Foreign secretary Liz Truss in most polls.

According to a recent poll of Conservative voters, Truss has widened her lead against former chancellor Rishi Sunak in the battle to lead the Conservative Party and serve as prime minister of the United Kingdom.

The outcome of the most recent Conservative Home survey, which was published on Wednesday, is largely the same as when it was earlier this month.

According to a Conservative Home poll of 961 party members who have already voted or will vote in the leadership contest, Liz Truss has 58% of the vote, Rishi Sunak had 26%, and 12% were unsure. As of right now, those percentages are 28%, 60%, and 9%. This time, neither and won’t vote have been combined into a single column.

Truss continues to lead Sunak by 32 points after members who indicated they “don’t know” are evenly split between the two candidates.

As per survey “When we divide our “don’t know” percentage evenly between the two candidates, as we did previously, Truss increases to 64% and Sunak drops to 32%, maintaining her 32-point advantage. She had a 38-point advantage in the most recent YouGov poll, which was completed on August 2—the day our most recent survey was sent out. She had a 22-point advantage in the most recent Opinium poll, which was conducted last week.”

According to the combined results of Opinium, YouGov, and Conservative Home polls, Truss is predicted to win by a margin of between 70 and 40 percent, either a little higher or a little lower.

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