Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ukrainian envoy to India denies charges of alleged racial discrimination against Indian students

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Dr Igor Polikha, Ambassador of Ukraine to India, on Monday denied the charges of racial discrimination and defended the charges of alleged assault of Indian students trying to flee Ukraine at Ukrainian borders. On Sunday evening there were several complaints and videos that went viral about Indian students trying to flee Ukraine being ill-treated, assaulted, heckled at Borders. TDG asked Ukrainian Envoy to India about same to which he responded saying stop spreading panic and sensation, “Me and my people… are in regular contact with our border guards and their commanders. Some incidents happened to ensure discipline in queues, everyone was asked to wait in queue but some tried to break the queue and go on their own. Please be in line, maintain discipline, the situation is difficult but in control… some incidents have happened where people are trying to break the queues and discipline so any person is requested to maintain discipline be it any nationality people. Please tell ur citizens not to panic not to go out of turn.” Emphasizing the need for discipline Polikha also said that “some issues bound to happen as several foreigners in lakhs are trying to flee but everyone is equally treated.” Polikha further said that the number of Ukrainian refugees has exceeded four lakhs. “If the war is not stopped, the number can reach up to 7 million. There are very long queues on the border. Lakhs of Ukrainians are standing in queues, trying to cross the border,” he said.
When asked about assurance of the safety of Indians again and again Polikha also got infuriated and said, “Assurance should be given by Putin to Indian students. It’s a war, it’s a deep crisis  It’s a huge humanitarian tragedy. Now we have a humanitarian catastrophe that you had in 1947.” Stressing that the root cause of the problem is Russian bombings and shelling that all including other foreigners and Indians are facing problems like long delays he cited the instance of the wife and two children of the Ukrainian defence attaché being stuck at the Polish border for three days and that Ukraine is trying to help everyone in the best possible manner.   
Polikha also claimed that according to official information of Ukraine’s Ministry, 16 children were killed. “We are suffering a lot of civic casualties, 16 children were killed from. bombings, shelling as a result. Only last two days Russian missiles hit kindergarten, some centres, museum that were bent down.” Ukraine’s priority is to stop the war and exert pressure on Russia. “We are requesting all our foreign partners to exert pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the war,” he said even as the Ukrainian delegation went to Belarus to hold the first round of peace talks with Russia “continuous shelling, bombing” continued in Kyiv and nearby areas.
It’s fix day for Russian aggression- not speaking as an ambassador of Ukraine but as a human being, every night there is some shelling or other thing he added. Talking about the economical situation in Russia he said, “Due to powerful sanctions Russian economy is crippling every day. Russia is having absolutely unpredictable and unprecedented casualties… approx 5300 soldiers and officers and a lot of prisoners of war. Among them, several are young in age 18 and 19 years old.

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