Thursday, September 29, 2022

US denies Imran Khan’s allegations of being involved in ‘foreign conspiracy’

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The US on Thursday (local time) rejected allegations of interference in Pakistan’s internal electoral politics after Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan hinted towards the involvement of the US in an alleged “foreign conspiracy” to oust him from power. White House Director of Communications Kate Bedingfield during a press briefing denied the allegations by the Pakistani Prime Minister. “There is absolutely no truth to that allegation,” stated Bedingfield on being asked about Imran Khan’s allegation.

Earlier, a US State Department spokesperson told ANI, “There is no truth to these allegations. We are closely following developments in Pakistan. We respect and support Pakistan’s constitutional process and the rule of law.” The same was reiterated by US State Department spokesperson Ned Price in a press briefing.

During his address to Pakistan on Thursday, Imran Khan in an apparent slip of tongue mentioned the US while speaking about “foreign conspiracy” to destabilize his government. Addressing the people of Pakistan, ahead of the no-confidence motion, Imran claimed a foreign nation sent a message that Imran Khan needs to be removed else the country will suffer consequences.”

After mentioning the US, Imran Khan in a quick correction said “a foreign country” is trying to influence the electoral politics in his country. “On March 8 or before that on March 7, the US sent us a…not the US but a foreign country sent us a message. The reason why I am talking about this…for an independent country to receive such a message… this is against me and the country,” he said.

Imran Khan also stated, “Being an US ally in the 80s was a mistake.” His statement was in reference to Pakistan joining hands with the US to drive the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. Khan further said that Pakistan faced US sanctions despite being an ally.

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